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Wintertime Mosquitoes?


       On sunny days in February and sometimes into March it is not uncommon to be bothered by mosquitoes looking for a bloodmeal. We historically see this at this time every year. These mosquitoes go through the winter in a type of hibernation called diapause. Breeding and egg laying is not occuring in flooded ditches, fields or backyard sources at this time. Half way through the winter, the adult mosquitoes wake up and need blood to make it through until spring. Once they get what they need, they will go back into hiding not to be seen again until spring, when they will begin laying eggs.
       We have been receiving some calls from residents that are getting bites in the afternoons. Treating mosquitoes during the winter months presents some problems we don't find during our warmer season. Treating an individual home with a space spray will kill mosquitoes in the immediate area, but by the next day more will have flown in, making our treatment pointless. Mounting a wide area campign, fogging in the early evenings with spray trucks, would be inneffective as the mosquitoes return to secluded and sheltered hiding places at sunset, where sprays cannot reach them.
       As the mosquitoes are actively biting only for a few hours in the afternoon, the most effective strategy in avoiding bites is to wear long sleeves and long pants and apply an insect repellant when you need to be outdoors. The mosquito species that is active and biting now is not a West Nile virus transmitter. There is no local transmission occuring during the winter months. We are coming out by request, only to spray inside of shops and outbuildings where mosquitoes are congregating.