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Technicians Now Inspecting Suspect Swimming Pools


Abandoned and unmaintained swimming pools are a significant problem in our local communities. The species of mosquito prodcued in swmming pools is the number one transmitter of West Nile Virus. As we have regularly had human illness and some deaths from this disease, the District approaches swimming pools seriously. Each year in late May, the District uses an aerial photography contractor to fly and photograph green pools. After they are identified, photos are forwarded to District staff for investigation. Technicians are dispatched to make contact with residents for access to suspect pools. Inspections are performed in just minutes. When needed, a treatment will be made, utiling mosquitofish for long term control. No unrelated information or data will be collected or shared with other agencies. It is imperative that mosquito production be stopped, as one bad pool can produce 100,000 mosquitoes over a season. We appreciate the public's cooperation in this effort to make a difference in our neighborhoods and local communities.