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Enterprise System Catalog

View the District’s Enterprise System Catalog pursuant to SB 272 and CA Government Code 6270.5.

 System  Vendor 

 System  Product

 Statement  of Purpose   

 Data Categories

 Department  Custodian 

Collection  Frequency 

Update  Frequenc

 ADAPCO  Geo-Pro

 Mosquito control   operations database

 Requests for service,  inspection and  treatment records 

 IT Department  Daily Daily

 Rick Wise

 CyberFlux   Custom  Solutions 

Mosquito control  operations    database     

 Requests for service,  inspection and treatment records

 IT Department  Daily Daily

 Davis Arbovirus  Research &  Training       (DART),        UC Davis

 CalSurv Gateway Mosquito and arbovirus surveillance and application database

 Mosquito trap and sentinel  surveillance and testing records, inspection and treatment records

 Laboratory Daily


 Rocket Science  Group

 Mailchimp Email notifications

 Notification contacts  

 IT Department Daily